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Like John Paul Mitchell Systems' co-founders John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell, our own Bob and Paul have built a successful business out of a unique friendship - one that nurtures the delicate balance of artistry and business. Together they own HairLines Inc., the Paul Mitchell distributorship for New England and 8 different counties in New York.

After a severe allergic reaction to chemicals forced him to give up hairdressing early in his career, Bob Terkanian made a name for himself selling Redken, Jhimack and Nexxus. In 1981, he was looking for a change. He went to New York and ran into Paul Thomas, whose salon was one of his accounts. Paul had just seen Paul Mitchell doing hair sculpting and had flipped over the products and the exciting new way of doing hair. "Paul sent me to see Paul Mitchell perform on stage, and I was hooked right away," says Bob.

Paul Mitchell’s CEO, John Paul DeJoria, liked the combination of sales consultant and hairdresser, and offered the team a Paul Mitchell distributorship. As usual, DeJoria's instincts were right on the money. Bob's expertise in management and Paul's talent as a hairdresser/educator sent their distributorship straight to the top. Paul says, "I have had my salon, Paul Thomas & Co., for over 20 years. I still do hair in the salon two days a week, just to feel and touch it. When we do shows, the hairdressers in the audience really relate to that."

In fact, all of the HairLines' sales consultants have been, or still are, working hairdressers. "Our sales consultants have a special bond with the salons because they're considered one of them. The salons can relate to sales consultants who are also hairdressers. They really respect their opinions," says Bob.

The partners share a dedication to improving the future of hairdressing, encouraging young talent to go after success as early as beauty school. One of the ways in which they foster multi-faceted careers is by training local beauty school educators, who can bring that training back to their students. As Paul says, "It's important to reach hairdressers early in their career, so they can develop a well-rounded education in both artistry and business.”

Artistry and Business: it's what makes the industry flourish. Just as Paul Mitchell’s co-founders prospered from their complement of style and business smarts, our own Bob Terkanian and Paul Thomas have combined their unique talents to build the most successful Paul Mitchell distributorship in the world.


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