The Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry
HairLines is one of the first distributors in the country to introduce the newest Paul Mitchell Pro Tool, the Neuro Dry. We wanted to make sure you had it in time for the holidays and here's why:
* Smart Sense Filter. The world's first "Clean Filter" indicator light ensures dryer is cleaned regularly to maintain peak performance and prevent overheating. Easy-to-clean filter. 

Paul Mitchell National Educator, Danielle Nawrocki, tells us:"The number one reason consumer's dryers die is because they fail to clean the filter. So, the indicator light on the Neuro Dry is not only a lifesaver for the dryer but a money saver for the owner!" 
 * Professional AC Motor. Premium craftsmanship featuring 1,875 watts of power built to last over 1,000 hours
* Tourmaline Ions. Dries hair quickly and gently from the inside out, reducing frizz and adding shine
* Protective Rubber Coating. To prevent damage when dropped
* LCD Display. Shows heat and power settings simply and clearly
* Four Heat Settings and Cool Shot Button. For controlled drying and styling
* Flush Power Buttons. Improves handle ergonomics
* Comes with: concentrator nozzle for directional airflow and controlled styling, and collapsible silicone diffuser that universally fits most dryers.
* And get this! When registered online, it has a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!



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