Paul Mitchell Shines XG - The Future Generation of Demi-Permanent, No-Ammonia Hair Color

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 Paul Mitchell Shines XG 

Photo credit: Caryn Pierce





Have you tried the new Shines XG from Paul Mitchell? Your guests will love the way it feels. It's also a good way to encourage non-color clients to ease into color service. The vibrancy and shine are irresistible!


  • DYESMART SYSTEM ™ allows for maximum color penetration and predictability. Color lasts 4 to 6 weeks and fades on-tone.
  • Shines XG ™ offers a beautiful palette of 51 demi-permanent shades.
  • It's ideal for gray blending, dimensional coverage and tone-on-tone fashion color effects.
  • Revives dull hair, refreshes mid-shaft and ends, and tones highlights.
  • High conditioning cream has a gentle, ammonia-free formula that is easy to mix and apply. Ingredients include cottonseed oil and rice milk for healthy hair.
  • Processing creams offer a perfect texture for ease of application.
Photo credit: Caryn Pierce

Caryn Pierce, Paul Mitchell National Educator tells us:


"The first thing we notice is how soft the hair is even when rinsing! The most obvious benefit as you can see is how luminous the shine is. Clients can't believe it!"


Photo credit: Caryn Pierce


"It's even hard to photograph because the shine is so intense!

Some of our favorite XG Color series so far are....: ALL of them!! The reds are brilliant!  Using 10 volume XG processing cream really does enhance the intensity and grey blending!"


What's the difference between PM Shines and Shines XG?


Paul Mitchell Regional Director and Color Coordinator, Tina Lankowski says:


It's like the difference between lip gloss and lipstick, or tights and pantyhose. Sometimes a sheer, translucent result is desired, making PM Shines the perfect fit. When looking for more opaque coverage, Shines XG is the ultimate choice! Both are awesome ammonia-free, demi-permanent options.


Would you like to experience Shines XG in your salon? Ask your salon rep or shop here for a trial or sample kit. 


HairLines will also offer XG Shines classes. Click here for dates an information.


Would you like to learn about Shines XG in the comfort of your own salon? Ask your salon rep or call 1-800-922-2310.



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