Planting Trees with Tea Tree Brand

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Tea Tree News from Paul Mitchell Systems:


As you may know, our wonderful, eco-conscious Tea Tree brand just signed a three-year partnership with the Paris-based environmental group Reforest Action, which will officially kick off on Earth Day, April 22. Tea Tree has long supported healthy forests, and with this exciting new initiative, the brand will plant a total of over 500,000 trees by the end of 2016! 


What's really unique about the program is that salon customers and consumers can choose from two locations where their tree will be planted through an exclusive online platform. This digital forest allows visitors to choose the project they wish to support, see the progress and number of trees in real time, and discover the many ways Tea Tree's plantings are helping the planet.


If you're on social media, we'd love it if you could tweet about your tree planting experience or post on Instagram using hashtag #TheGreenTakeover. 


To learn more about our partnership with ReforestAction, click hereTo learn more about The Green Takeover campaign, check out our Facebook page and feel free to share with friends.


Thank you for making the planet a little greener! 




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